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bios+a+ic (wesley davis) is a producer, engineer, performer, sound artist, and dj, who soundtracks the modern world via construction and deconstruction of multi-layered digital and analog sonic textures.

He has recorded and produced over 20 full-length albums for symbolic insight, an experimental electronic music company he founded in 1998, which includes a studio, a label, and event productions.

Influential styles:
IDM, industrial, drone, ambient, experimental, glitch, noise, avant guarde, EBM, space rock, world beat, electronica, acid jazz

bios+a+ic's sound sources primarily focus on multi-processed trumpet, vocals, synthesizer, sample loops, digital beats, and field recordings, but also include, chAoss pad, analog delay, thumb piano, guitar, accordian, bells, walkie-talkies, shakers, rain stick, finger cymbals, hand drums, metal percussion, toy piano, and anything around that makes sound. His distinct style has been compared to Rampoon, Jon Hassell, Nine Inch Nails, Aube, Brian Eno, Tribes of Neurot, and Scanner.

"The music cannot be separated from the environment, therefore I embrace both the organic elements of sound, and the digital counterparts. For the music to be alive, it cannot be contained within preconceived ideas like notation, time, or genre." ~ bios+a+ic, 2001


Current music projects:

+ bios+a+ic_ambient noise electro-acoustic experiments
  • https://ello.co/biostatic
  • http://www.facebook.com/biostatic1
  • http://soundcloud.com/biostatic
  • https://biostatic.bandcamp.com/
  • http://www.reverbnation.com/biostatic

    + entropic advance_experimental post-industrial IDM noise
    bios+a+ic, Solypsis, bahiya
  • http://entropicadvance.com
  • http://entropicadvance.bandcamp.com/
  • https://soundcloud.com/entropic_advance
  • http://www.reverbnation.com/entropicadvance
  • https://www.facebook.com/entropicadvance/

    + sonolumina_dark tribal experimental IDM
    bios+a+ic, bahiya
  • http://sonolumina.bandcamp.com/
  • http://symbolicinsight.com/sonolumina
  • https://www.facebook.com/sonolumina
  • https://www.reverbnation.com/sonolumina

    + unbridled sonic Anarchy (usA)_ambient noise soundtracks
    bios+a+ic, bahiya
  • http://soundcloud.com/unbridled-sonic-anarchy
  • http://unbridledsonicanarchy.bandcamp.com/
  • https://www.facebook.com/unbridledsonicAnarchy
  • https://www.reverbnation.com/unbridledsonicanarchy

    + EARadiate_improvisational groove, avant jazz
    Wesley Davis (bios+a+ic),Kris Nickeson, Joe Sorcic, Dan Swain
  • http://earadiate.com/
  • https://soundcloud.com/earadiate
  • https://www.reverbnation.com/earadiate

    + Synth_Drone collective_ambient drone space
    bios+a+ic, Wes Milholen, kuxaan-sum, Sean Patrick Faling, Mark Mosher
  • https://symbolicinsight.bandcamp.com/album/ambient-radiation

    + metapulse_ambient experimental IDM
    bios+a+ic, A23P, Acidbat
  • https://symbolicinsight.bandcamp.com/album/metapulse

    + dj bios+a+ic_dark electronic, world, dub, noise, ambient, post-rock, experimental, IDM, acid jazz, industrial, more
  • http://www.afterfm.com/Biostatic
  • https://soundcloud.com/dj-biostatic
  • https://www.mixcloud.com/biostatic/

    Production and events:

    + symbolic insight_electronic & experimental album releases & event productions

    + textures ambient showcase_monthly live ambient performances
    Mutiny Info Cafe, 2 S Broadway, Denver, LAST Sundays, 7 pm

    + transistor electronic sound art festival_electronic music festival based in Denver, Colorado (on hold)

    +d.j. bios+a+ic:
    bios+a+ic uses the prefix "d.j." when he spins and manipulates other artists albums and his projects on cd. The set focus on four main styles for performances which are detailed below. He also co-hosts shows on KGNU radio including Electronic Air and Sleepless Nights.

    +transglobal dance features electronic beats with world influences from India, Middle East, Latin America, Europe and Africa with dub, groove, and dance rhythms. He has performed this set in Colorado, at The Mercury Cafe, (Dark Goddess Festival, Mahmoud Reda Bellydance Showcase), the Avalon Ballroom (Gypsie Nation), The b.side in Boulder, Dreamtime Festival in Pagonia (Cheb i Sabbah, Govinda), The Boulder Creek Festival, and is a regular at The Gyspy House Cafe (Basement Beduoins Bellydance showcase). In Seattle he performed at The BALTIC ROOM with legendary bellydancer, Delila, as well the clubs, Chop Suey, the Mercury, and lo_FI.

    +down-tempo electro-lounge features acid jazz and european electronics, ideal for a mellow martini lounge atmosphere. Has featured this sound at, George's (Boulder Theatre), Johnny's Cigar Bar, b.side front room, Redfish, and The Robusto Room in Denver, also in Seattle at lo-FI and the Center on Contemporay Art.

    +dark electronic club features European IDM and industrial fusions from the past to the present. Has performed this set at Sutra, The Church (Colorado dark arts festival), Kazmos, and The Walnut Room, in Denver, CO as well as the Fenix Underground, the Mercury, Consolidated Works, and Baltic Room in Seattle, WA.

    +sacred ambient space features world scared sounds and ambient space music for meditation, atmosphere, and ceremonies. These sets are rare and contructed for special events usually for festivals, art galleries, yoga/dance studios, and healing spas.

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